Evoke: What if?

“Actorsaurus” by Popover - Copy

I’m not sure, but I have an impression that by the time you reach a certain age (I’m not going to say what) that you should know what you’re doing and have an idea of who you are. For many this is probably true, I hope though that there are many like me for whom this is not the case. For instance being out of your comfort zone is just as scary if not more so because of the above, starting a new business, writing your thoughts down, sharing them to an invisible world and not knowing who will read them.  The emotions that they evoke, fear, excitement, passion, it maybe strange that the first emotion that I thought of was ‘fear’ what if: the business doesn’t work; no one likes what I’ve written etc. Is this an ‘age’ thing? Or should I avoid looking in the mirror and be thirty, as in my head?



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