Agile: On the Window Ledge

snatchio allotment

Sadly last November our beautiful boy Snatch passed away and after 12 years, a huge hole has been left in our lives. We are still missing this loving, crazy Lurcher that gave us so much.

But in the two months since he has been gone, we have noticed something in our garden, an increase in the amount of cats that now mooch, saunter and find hiding places to catch the birds! Their numbers are going up; we have at least six now that we see mostly on a daily basis. There only used to be one brave soul, sitting on the fence and that was all.

Last week, one agile and audacious black cat strolled across the outside window ledge of the living room window!

Now, I really don’t mind cats…I just never knew there were so many in our neighbourhood and that close to our house.




I’m sitting here at the moment watching a blizzard through the window, it looks at first as if the hail stones are falling straight down, but if you look carefully you can see how the gusts of wind gather some of the drops, swooping them along to fall somewhere else. The sun is shining as well, so I guess I should wait to see the rainbow.

Does this mean anything? Not really except taking a few moments to study the world around me and just observe. Our lives can be so busy, demanding action, analysis and judgement, that to sit, watch and notice how things are sometimes:  just what they are.

Although I am now going to have to wrap up warm and brave the elements!


Evoke: What if?

“Actorsaurus” by Popover - Copy

I’m not sure, but I have an impression that by the time you reach a certain age (I’m not going to say what) that you should know what you’re doing and have an idea of who you are. For many this is probably true, I hope though that there are many like me for whom this is not the case. For instance being out of your comfort zone is just as scary if not more so because of the above, starting a new business, writing your thoughts down, sharing them to an invisible world and not knowing who will read them.  The emotions that they evoke, fear, excitement, passion, it maybe strange that the first emotion that I thought of was ‘fear’ what if: the business doesn’t work; no one likes what I’ve written etc. Is this an ‘age’ thing? Or should I avoid looking in the mirror and be thirty, as in my head?


Brilliant – Day to Day


Take each day as it comes: the roller coaster of life can have you spinning sometimes, one day you can feel clear and inspired and have a great day, the future looks bright and you are achieving your goals. Then the next a little glitch in your matrix and it’s a case of ‘Oh my days, universe what are you playing at?’ This is the time to take a deep breath and say “Okay, testing me again? The sun will come up tomorrow, guaranteed…although I will be honest and say that on occasions I have thought ‘’re having a laugh!

Keep smiling and shining, that’s all you can do.

Brilliant – Day to Day


Preparation and Patience

20170912_143318 (2)

Having spent time over the last three days at our allotment, there is something that I am reminded of each year, Preparation and Patience.

Preparing the ground, sowing the seeds, waiting to see how many germinate and then watering and nurturing until ready to plant in the ground. Then patience and hard work is still required, weeding and feeding helping the plants to grow and then again waiting to see the fruits of your labour. Some years you will see a bounty from certain produce and others hardly anything, but you carry on.

This, I have found to be a metaphor for life and business, there are times when you have done all the preparation and work, then you have to just wait and see what grows and what you can harvest or what may need more work to keep the seeds or dreams alive.




Checking out the different meanings of the word ‘treat’ we can apply all to ourselves: luxury, give, discuss, cure, consider, indulge (I do love a Thesaurus).

We all have internal discussions with ourselves during the day and by giving our minds the luxury of time to discuss and consider, hopefully in a positive way, our achievements big or small, we can therefore indulge our minds with thoughts that can help to balance our bodies, a cure in its own way, preparing for sleep and a new day.

My own treat for today has been writing these words.

New Day, New Year..time to reboot!

Life, as they say, is a journey and this is a new path for me. Back to writing and finding new themes and ideas. Where it will lead I don’t know yet, but it will be fun!

Above is an old favourite photo that was taken a few years ago of the River Mersey in Northenden. In the hustle and bustle of the day, it can be easy to forget to stop, look and listen and to take a few moments to reboot. So here we go!